Scope and Method

P.O Box 115 - Kumbo

(+237) 679.884.778

Composition, Method and Area of Intervention


Appointed/Elected competent, interested and trusted Laity, Catechists, Religious and Clergy.

Method of Operation:

  • We mobilize people to try to solve their problems or look for means
    to satisfy their needs.
  • Prioritize the projects identified and start with the most pressing.
  • In various localities encourage people to organize fundraising activities
    like Njangie, thrift and loan, etc.
  • Organize home management seminars for families and other target groups.
  • Organize fundraising activities.
  • Seek technical, financial and material support from the Social Welfare Service
    of the State and otherwise.

Area of Intervention - KUMBO DIOCESE:

The Diocese of Kumbo was created in March and erected on the 8th of December 1982 from territory dismembered from the Archdiocese of Bamenda. It covers a land area of about 8,000 Square Kilometers and serving 2 of the 7 Administrative Divisions that make up the North West Region of CAMEROON. It is currently running 25 Parishes with a population of well over 800,000 inhabitants.

About 85% of the population of the Diocese of Kumbo is made up of peasant farmers using pre-industrial revolution tools to practice subsistent agriculture on small holdings. Many families live on less than a Dollar a day and for them, the Millennium goals are still a long term dream. They are a hard working people who unfortunately lack the management and technical skills necessary for desirable economically rewarding results. In response to this rather challenging situation, the Bishop in July 1994 set up the Caritas/Social Welfare.