Vision and Mission of Caritas Kumbo

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Vision and Mission of the Social Welfare Department


Integral human development - the development of every person without discrimination to creed, sex, age or ethnic origin and the whole person, especially of the poorest and the most neglected in the community is at the very heart of evangelization and hence at the very heart of the vision of the Social Welfare Department.

The Mission of the apostolate:

To harness and support without discrimination to creed, ethnic origin, sex or age the development initiatives of rural communities in the Diocese of Kumbo. To accomplish this, the apostolate is charged with:

  • Sensitizing and organizing communities in community charity and development.
  • Identifying community needs and problems.
  • Identifying solutions and elaborating project ideas into sustainable projects.
  • Organizing multi-disciplinary training.
  • Promoting disaster prevention and management programmes/initiatives.
  • Executing, following-up, monitoring and evaluating projects and related activities.
  • Participating in all development and CARITAS activities organized by the National Social Welfare Department (BASC-CARITAS CAMEROON).
  • Raising funds and seeking funding from partners at local, national and international levels.