Activities of CARITAS KUMBO

P.O Box 115 - Kumbo

(+237) 679.884.778

Activities of Caritas Kumbo / What we do:

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Animation and community mobilization:

We animate over three hundred communities to undertake individual and collective actions aimed at the sustainable improvement of their living conditions. We accompany these communities to in their development efforts giving them technical counsel and seeking partners to support their development efforts.


Village potable water supply program:

So far we have worked with about forty villages in enclaved areas to realize improve health and living standards through the construction and supply of potable water to the community. We build the capacity of the communities to ensure the protection of water resources and the sustainable management of the water supply systems. We are currently working on the water supply systems of fifteen villages in Bui and Donga Mantung divisions of the North West region of Cameroon.


Rural youth training program:

Through the Family Farm School System and the Agricultural Training programs we build the capacity of rural youths towards sustainable autonomy; the youths are trained and inserted as rural entrepreneurs. The skills acquired through these training schemes are helping to reduce rural poverty, rural exodus and unemployment while contributing significantly to the improvement of traditional agricultural production systems and food security.


Women’s empowerment:

Social welfare/Caritas Kumbo is working with partners to improve on the living condition of rural women through training and support in rural business initiatives and management.


School renovation and construction:

Social welfare caritas Kumbo works with partners to construct and renovate rural school so as to provide a conducive learning/ teaching environment for the rural child in order to improve on the education of the rural child so as to guarantee equal opportunities for children every where.


Organization of Summer Work Camps:

We organize and give opportunities to young people to have summer work camps in Kumbo. The summer work camps give a chance for cultural exchange, faith sharing and community service to young people especially from universities in the developed countries.


Project proposal writing:

Project proposal writing:


Capacity building:

Capacity building:


Volunteers and social service:

We receive volunteers and young people for social services.


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