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Family Farm Schools in Kumbo Diocese - NEWS

A New Momentum

The Family Farm Schools of Cameroon and those of Kumbo received a fresh impetus with the launching of the “DEFIS JEUNE” Project of the PROCEFFA platform sponsored by DISOP Belgium. The PROCEFFA Platform was launched in July 2015 at the centre Jean xxiii in Mvolye, Yaounde with several civil society organizations from all the ten regions of Cameroon participating. The Platform promotes Socio Economic insertion through dual vocational training the Family Farm Schools.

Reorientation and Focus

For the 2014-2016 academic years the Family Farm Schools of the Social Welfare Services of the Diocese of Kumbo underwent a certain degree of metamorphosis in the key areas of curriculum and process delivery. The curriculum was enlarged to include the first three years of secondary school studies in subjects such as Accounting, economics, commerce and Business math. Of course general courses in English Language, French language, math and home economics were not left out. The traditional professional courses in Crop production, Livestock production, service provision, transformation and crafts are still being taught vigorously.
The changes in curriculum came from the need to strengthen the entrepreneurial abilities of the FFS students and also to better prepare the students for admission into the Institute Of Rural Entrepreneurship (IFER) in St Rita’s college Nkambe.

Additional ManPower for Effectiveness and Efficiency

In order to deliver these courses effectively there was a need to recruit new and more qualified staff for the Family Farm Schools of Ngondzen, Ngarum and Mbot.
With the need for more effectiveness and a higher project impact the Bishop of Kumbo appointed Fr Herman Billa Lawong as the new supervisor of the Family Farm Schools and IFER for Kumbo Diocese. The new supervisor has the mandate to oversee the activities of the FFS Regional coordinator and the ATP Family Farm School Coordinator.

New Family Farm Schools in the Fold

The 2014/2015 academic year also so the birth of St George Family Farm School In the Agricultural Training project of the Diocese of Kumbo based in Mbiame and the ACOHOF Family Farm School in Tatum. These new schools took off with the proposed changes at the level of curriculum and staff requirements. All the schools are preparing their students for socio professional insertion and possible further education in the Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship in Nkambe.

A New Nomenclature

With these changes in place it was necessary to rename the Family Farm Schools as Family Farm School plus.