Family Farm Schools

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Family Farm Schools

We have nine parish-Based and Community managed Vocational Training Centers called Family Farm Schools. Our main objective in this action being to facilitate the socio-professional insertion of rural youths and by so doing reduce poverty, unemployment and rural exodus.

Because of limited human and financial resources these centers have largely limited their activities to agriculture and livestock production training. Currently there are 175 students in nine Family Farm Schools manned by 27 volunteer trainers. The Family Farm Schools are found in Kikoo, Ngondzen, Ngarum, Ntaba, Binshua, Oku,  Nkanchi, Mbot and Vekovi.

Our actions have largely entailed regular supervision of the schools and the animation of the unique pedagogy of these schools which entails alternating theoretical work with practical work in their farms or enterprises. We support the centers with production ideas and materials so that they can become more empowered to be autonomous. We also train the parents with the intention of improving their livelihoods while helping them to evolve better as a community.

The supporting organization (CNEFAC)  is currently working with us to establish a blue print for the creation of the FFS second cycle to further the training of students from the FFSs and other interested young people in rural enterprise development. The idea is to train them in entrepreneurship while at the same time providing them with an opportunity to have officially recognized certificates that can enable them to be employable if they are not able to operate their own businesses. If everything moves well this second cycle may begin in January 2012.

It is expected that some of the students leaving the FFSs this year shall constitute the first batch of the Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship as this second cycle shall be called. This Program has taken greater dimensions ... Read more