Fight against Child Trafficking

P.O Box 115 - Kumbo

(+237) 679.884.778

Fight against Child Trafficking

The Goal of this Program is to prevent the trafficking of children and young women in Kumbo Diocese North West Region, Cameroon. To achieve this, we carrying out the following Activities

1) Raise awareness in communities on trafficking and the dangers of deception and exploitation associated with sending their children with intermediaries. This is achieved through public awareness campaigns by Vigilance Committees including the broadcasting of returned cases.

2) Form and train Vigilance Committees made up of parents, youth, church and traditional leaders in the villages within kumbo diocese. These committees are trained to provide continuing education and information on the existing anti-trafficking legislation, counseling to families to ensure that unaccompanied children do not migrate. The trainings are  done too to lead to a dynamic of collaboration among the different intervening groups, and create a system for communities from source and destination areas to collaborate, organize informal meetings at the community level and track the movement of children.

Objective:  (Protection and Rehabilitation):

Rescued victims of trafficking in target areas receive support for rehabilitation.

1) Identify and refer victims of trafficking to appropriate counselors and guardians and community facilities. These victims are  identified through the coordinated efforts of all the vigilant groups and law enforcement officers.

2) Psychosocial support is provided to returning victims.

3) Support victims to reintegrate in their families, schools, or vocational centers through continued support programs and awareness generation to reduce stigma.



From the photographs, one can see the joy of some of our young girls who have been rescued, rehabilitated and are now going to school.

We also see some who have joined vocational training and are happy to be back home. To God be all the Glory !!